Thursday, 5 February 2009

First Pudding

Oh well, here goes, my first pudding. Absolutely nothing to do with anything edible. It's going to be my name for the blogs I'll be doing. I thought about other names for them, Flo's ramblings, Flo's flavours, Flo's useless information but none seemed to fit. So as I'm from Yorkshire and I'm a little rounder than I should be I thought Yorkshire puddings would be appropriate.

Next I need to decide what kind of puddings I'm going to make, should I write about my daily antics? Or maybe about things that happen in the news, or are there lots of people doing that already? I think I might include how much money my sons borrow off me, I might remember then and ask them for it back. They tend to confuse me by for instance, borrowing a tenner, then giving me back a fiver, then borrowing another tenner and giving me back a tenner and calling it quits, clever eh? I think I've brought them up well, depending on your viewpoint!

So you've had a hint there that I have sons, two of them. One is 19, the other is 17 and I'm so proud of them, mainly I think because they have both topped six foot, which is a feat in itself being as I'm only five foot one on a good day and their dad is only five foot four. Must be the manure I put at the bottom of their beds each night. They are both at different colleges and doing well. More about them in the future I guarantee.

OK, I'm going to explore the blogger site and see what I can change, hope I don't lose all this, mind you if I do you'll never know...


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